Plants of The Month

Having grown up in a house with acres of farmland with green vegetation and loads of flowers to roam and play around in; the transition to life in Accra, limited by space and land was difficult for someone who loved nature. As cities grow and the urban sprawl gets ever larger, more and more of us have to live in small spaces, be it in flats, apartments, or buildings with relatively small compounds. This however does not have to stop us from bringing nature and plants into our living spaces. Under our ‘Plants of the Month’ section, we will be highlighting a few interesting plants and their possible uses in landscaping and design.

Over the next few months, we will be focusing on urban spaces (both indoor and outdoor) and how you can use plants to spruce your spaces.


Trees are a great way to bring structure and focus to any outdoor space and will certainly, draw birds and life into your garden. For limited spaces in urban cities, the ideal plants should be moderate in size, and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, must not produce much litter and must have a contained root system to avoid  damage to pavements, walls, and buildings.